Sunday, May 20, 2012

3 Months

Another month gone! It was such a great month with our little guy. My brother's wedding week was so much fun. Owen did great on the airplane...pretty sure I was way more stressed than he was! Tim wasn't able to come until Thursday so my mom, grandmother, Owen and I left Monday morning. I think the most stressful part was getting through security with all our stuff! It is amazing how much such a little guy needs (or at least how much I think he needs). Poor Tim had to watch from behind the ropes as we not so smoothly made it through. We found out later Tim could have gotten a pass to come and help. There was a really nice man that helped me though...and 15-20 minutes later we were through. I had lots of good tips for the plane ride and was able to make sure he was sucking on something when taking off and landing. That was really the only part that stressed me out. Owen pretty much slept the whole plane ride after that.

The week was full of activities to get ready for the rehearsal dinner and wedding. I feel like it was really good for me because I had become quite obsessed with Owen and his schedule that not having such a set schedule (except for him eating) not only made me enjoy my time with Owen so much more but Owen seemed to take better naps and be happier over all! We did have some excitement that week as well with an ER visit for me (thank you gallbladder for your great timing) and the imminent weather report of a massive storm on Brian and Autumn's wedding day... for their outdoor wedding. It was so incredible how calm both Brian and Autumn remained. They were both so focused on just getting married and trusted that the Lord would take care of everything else! And that He did! It did rain on Saturday, but the huge storm split and did not hit Sarasota. The wedding was perfect in every way and Autumn was the most beautiful bride ever. She was so sweet to include my mom and me as she put on the wedding dress since that was such a special time...Owen however decided to scream in the small RV the whole time Autumn was getting dressed. Ruined that moment a little bit. During the ceremony Owen stayed in the RV with our best friends from California and they were so sweet to take care of Owen as well during the reception so Tim and I could focus on Brian and Autumn. The flight back was a success as well and much less stressful having Tim there with us.

The hardest part about month three was my return to work. Don't worry that I cried the first time we dropped him off at the nursery at church...I knew daycare was going to be even harder and it was! I was pretty much a wreck but I survived and Owen did great. He only went 2 days that week and the daycare even sent us great pictures of Owen with big smiles on his face.

Tim and I had to do our own measurements this month so they probably aren't completely accurate :) I found a website also that tells you what percentile your little cutie is in which is nice!

Weight: 15.5 lbs, between 75 and 90th
Length: 25 inches, 75th percentile
Head Circumference: between 75 and 90th

Loves: being bounced, his changing table, the nap nanny (best purchase Tim and I made), looking at books, face to face time, reaching for toys and objects, music and singing, snuggling, The Very Hungry Caterpillar soft book, hearing different sounds, activity mat

Hates: still tummy time

Owen is wearing 0-3 months and 3-6 month clothes. He barely fits in his size 1 diapers which we are trying to finish the package we already opened before moving up to size 2! He eats every 3-4 hours, still just breast milk. He teased Tim and me for 6 nights sleeping from 11-7 but that has sense stopped.

Owen is one happy boy! He wakes up with a big smile on his face and is cooing and gooing like crazy. He has started a little laugh and we just can't get enough of it! Sometimes if he laughs too hard he will get the hiccups. When you hold a toy in front of him he is able to grab it and immediately tries to put it to his mouth. He loves his activity mat and grabs and pulls up on the toys.

Our verse for Owen this past month: Proverbs 3:24 "when you lie down you will not be afraid. When you lie down your sleep will be sweet." Owen really slept so much better this month!

Tim and I didn't take very many pictures at all during the wedding...once we get the ones the photographer took of Owen, I will post them! He was so handsome in his little tie!

Can you find Owen? We had quite a few things!
Trying to get through security...I look kind of calm?

There was the nice man that helped us

My mom and me with the newest addition to our family!

Uncle Brian giving Owen a bottle

Leave it to Uncle Brian to teach Owen how to hold the bottle himself

Sleeping with Pops

With his Aunt Autumn

Lorna loved to hold Owen

With Shannon

Rehearsal dinner...Texas BBQ on the beach

Shannon did such an incredible what she did with the Texas flag ;)

Our sweet boy sleeping at the rehearsal dinner

Rehearsal dinner game..I love Brian's face in this picture

Wedding day!

Smiling at his Uncle Brian on the wedding day

Such a handsome boy in his little tie

Our little family

The wedding wore him out!

Sleeping on the plane

On the airplane back to Texas

Visiting dad at work

He fell asleep like this in Tim's lap

We love the nap nanny!

Holding his book by himself

Meeting Tim's small group

Reaching for toys

Little cutie

Smiling at mommy

Look at him smile at Tim! I love it!

Owen loved listening to Michael play the guitar

With his friend Kinley

Milk drunk to say the least

My first day back to work

He hates tummy time!

He is getting so big!


  1. He is seriously the cutest thing ever, Brittany! I am curious about this nap nanny... and how is going back to work? Thinking of you guys :)

    1. Oh the nap nanny! He will take little naps in it, but we love it because its super easy to interact, read him books etc with it! Work has been pretty's just so hard leaving him, especially at daycare! He already got his first cold after just 2 days there! I'm thinking Tim, Owen and me will be in MO the first week of August so hopefully we will catch you guys before you head to New York!

  2. I love reading about your little guy and seeing him grow up on picutres! What a cutie! Are you coming back this way anytime soon? I would love to see you all! Karen G