Friday, September 28, 2012

7 Months

It is absurd even writing that number 7! What???? How did that even happen? We had such a great month with our little man! We started him on solids and that was an experience in itself. We also had 2 great trips. One was a weekend trip to visit our good friends Justin, Lauren and Andy in Longview. The other was our big trip to Missouri. On the drive up we decided to drive through the night. We left about 9:00pm. We were hoping Owen would sleep the whole time and he did! We got to Missouri about 4:30am and Owen barely made a sound the whole time. Tim and I were quite exhausted but it was well worth it. We were welcomed by Tim's incredible family. Owen was quite spoiled by his Nana, Grandpa Ron, his Aunt Haylie, Uncle Chris and Grandpa! Lots of family even drove down from St. Louis to meet Owen for the first time! He loved every minute of it. On top of getting to see Tim's family, my brother and sister-in-law just moved to Branson and so we got to spend some time with them as well! It was such a blessing to see all of our family love on Owen. Owen was full of smiles the whole time! One great thing was getting to be outside. Since we live in Fort Worth where West Nile is everywhere, poor Owen has been stuck inside. He loved touching the grass and all the trees. 

Introducing Solids:

I feel like I could write a book! We started with carrots. We used our Baby Beaba, which I would recommend for sure to make solids. He of course did not exactly love them at first, as you will see in the pictures. We experimented a little and after giving it to him before his bottle or nursing when he was hungry he ate it all easily! After that worked we did that with all other foods we introduced for the first time and have had no trouble! He has had peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, pears, apples, bananas and avocados. To say that he loves pears in an understatement! HE LOVES PEARS. He get's so excited when we give them to him. 

7 Months
Length: 28
Weight: 20.4 lbs

Loves: making raspberries with his mouth...ALL THE TIME, his momma and daddy...he gives us big smiles when we come home, PEARS, his wubbanub pacifier, army crawling everywhere, hearing music or singing (especially the song "I like to move it, move it), putting anything and everything in his mouth, animals especially Grandpa's dog Tug, reading, his toy phone, getting drinks of water from the straw, people watching 

Hates: rice cereal

Owen is wearing 6-9 months clothes. He is wearing size 3 diapers. He still takes about 7 ounces of breast milk every 3 1/2 to 4 hours. He is doing GREAT at night! He now will go about 8-6:30 or 7ish. AND the big thing is we can (when we want to) put him in his crib and he will typically fall asleep by himself...without crying!

Owen still does his army crawl to get everywhere but this kid is fast! You can't look away for a second or he will be gone! I'm having a hard time keeping him on the clean blanket. I know I'm going to have to relax and just let him crawl on the actual floor. He is able to sit up by himself. The only problem is he can't transition from sitting up to being on his back or stomach. I'm sure that will come! I said earlier under his "loves" that he loves hearing music or hearing songs. There are certain songs he loves to hear and will smile really big and flap his arms up and down. We have already decided he is going to love dancing like his dad! 

Owen is still our "happy spitter". I was hoping as he was sitting up more and eating solids that that would help. So far...not so much. Nothing like ORANGE or even GREEN spit up getting all over his clothes! I know..that is pretty gross. It is still pouring out of his mouth but still is not painful for him so that is a blessing. One night when we were in Missouri for dinner at Tim's Uncle's house, pretty sure Owen was responsible for 3 outfit changes...not his outfit changes but his families! Good thing he is cute!

The most entertaining thing has been his noises. I mean as a speech pathologist I am of course analyzing his expressive and receptive language :) He has pretty much made quite the variety of sounds (b, m, n, d, g, k) but not actually babbling. When he makes sounds it is sticking his tongue out and blowing to make raspberries. He does this a lot to get our attention. In the mornings we will hear him blowing raspberries when he is ready for us to come get him, or in the car if he wants me to look at him in the mirror. It is the cutest/sweetest thing!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Jesus for another month with Owen! We praise you for the gift you gave us in him!

Eating carrots for the first time

Not too sure about this..

Not a fan

Can always find a way to get our boy to smile!

Owen's "Uncle" Mitchell came to Longview to see him..

Owen loved all of Andy's toys 

Lauren and Andy..Andy was so patient with Owen

Andy is going to be such a good big brother!

Owen's Great-Grandmother Olson holding him for the first time

Nana giving Owen his breakfast in Missouri after our 8 hour drive!

Owen's 2nd cousin Eric reading to him

Kisses from Grandma Olson

Opening his first present

Maybe we should stay away from wrapping paper this Christmas :)

Owen loves his new toy from Nana

Owen's Grandpa holding had been almost 6 months!

Owen's Great-Uncle

Owen loved his Great-Aunt!!

Aunt Jan!

Amy and Abby


Owen loved the little dog!

All the Watson boys

Owen up on stage with Grandpa at church

Labor Day Parade..a Watson family tradition. Owen and Grandpa were at the front of the parade ;)

Owen watching the parade

I love this picture! His big blue eyes!

Somehow, Owen fell asleep with all the noise around

Bratwurst and babies

Owen's first little picnic

Tug, Grandpa's dog was the highlight of Owen's trip. He LOVED Tug!

Owen with his favorite uncles

After eating at Dana's in Branson

Owen and his favorite aunts

I love this picture...Aunt Haylie and Uncle Chris

Owen watching the water show at the landing

Would have been cute..Owen just couldn't take his eyes off the show!

First time to see horses

He of course loved it!

Eating with Uncle Chris and Nana

Had to include his Thunder thighs! I could just eat them up!

7 months!