Saturday, June 23, 2012

4 Months

We are a little past due for this post! It's hard now to separate what happened in month 4 and what has happened since! Returning to work is just getting in the way of so many things...especially loving on my boy. It has been so good though only having to work 3 days a week. Two of those days are 10 hour days which are SO hard because I don't see Owen for almost 12 hours but we are figuring it out.

After Owen's first week of daycare he got sick with a cold and was sick for about 4 weeks! It was rough but the doctor said that is just part of daycare (I took Owen to the doctor twice...convinced he had something serious). I've got a lot to learn apparently!

The biggest thing that happened in month 4 was my little gallbladder adventure. Who knew that pregnancy can trigger gallstones? I learned that one the hard way! About a month after Owen was born I started having these "gallbladder attacks". Which consists of severe abdominal pain for usually about 4-6 hours. I was trying to watch what I ate to prevent having to have surgery. Well, apparently Joe T. Garcia's chicken fajitas are not too healthy. They triggered a gallbladder attack that would not go away. After about 17 hours of pain I was told to go to the ER. Turns out my gallbladder was inflamed and infected and had to be taken out. I ended up staying in the hospital for 2 days (including over Mother's Day) and had to be away from Owen. That was the hardest part. When I got home I ended up becoming jaundice which meant something had been missed in my surgery and I had to go back to the hospital for another 2 days to have another procedure done...once again being away from Owen. It was a tough deal but Tim definitely wins the husband/dad of the year award for taking care of me and at the same time making sure Owen had everything he needed at my parents house. My parents were incredible as well keeping Owen the whole that point he was still getting up at 4am for a feeding. We were so blessed by family throughout that whole situation.  After another 2 weeks off of work (after only being back 2 days) I was feeling better and we were able to get back into the routine of things.

One of the best things about month 4 was my brother and new sister-in-law coming into town for their Texas reception. I just love them getting to spend time with Owen. Owen loves his Uncle Brian and Aunt Autumn. It was such a fun weekend.

His 4 month vaccinations were SO much better. He was barely fussy and did not get a fever. Praise Jesus!

4 Month Checkup
Length: 27 1/4 - above the 95th percentile (taking after his Pops and Uncle Brian)
Weight: 16.1 lbs (75th percentile)
Head Circumference: 50th percentile

He is a big boy! The doctor said he is tall and skinny.

Loves: the mirror, being held so he can look around, his play mat/activity gym, holding things, reading/eating books, touching his toes, face to face time, and hearing lots of different sounds that make him laugh. He also smiles so big every time I sing "Jesus Loves You" (I changed the words)

Hates: being sick :(...aka to use the nasal aspirator or snot sucker, tummy time (not quite as much but still not his favorite thing)

Owen still has some onsies that are 0-3 months that he is wearing. Most of his shorts and other outfits are 3-6 months. He is wearing size 2 diapers. He eats every 3-4 hours, still just breast milk which is a miracle considering the gallbladder ordeal! He now sleeps through the night! He will go 10:30-6:30 or 7. He has been taking much better naps as well. Anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 1/2 hours! Quite the range.

He is still the happiest baby. He wakes up in the morning with a big smile on his face. It is so sweet because he has started reaching for our faces and wants to touch our noses and mouths. He has started to lose some of his hair. He has the cutest little bald spot I have ever seen! He is getting so much better at grabbing things and he wants everything in his mouth. He has a wubba nub pacifier that we CAN NOT leave home without! The big thing of the month was Owen rolled over from his stomach to his back. That was so exciting! Funny how all those little things are such a BIG deal.

Pretty much our sweet boy is growing way too fast like everyone told us. He is such a blessing from the Lord and we praise Jesus everyday for him.

Our verse this past month that we prayed over him was:

"Your light shall break forth like the morning, Your healing shall spring forth speedily, and Your righteousness shall go before you; the glory of the Lord shall be Your rear guard." Isaiah 58:8

This was such a great verse as we dropped him off at daycare and as he was trying to heal from the cold he had for so long! I'm so thankful that we serve a God that longs to be in communication with us and hears our prayers!

Might have gotten a little carried away on posting pictures this month...there are quite a few :)

My first Mother's Day :)

Happy and content at Pops and Gigi's while Tim and I were in the hospital

Love this picture!

Go Horned Frogs! My parents bought him this.

First time in the pool..not too happy

Owen's Great-Grandmother made him this quilt using patches that his great-great grandmother made. Such a special gift!

He has his daddy's eyes

So cute in his little robe

With Great-Grandpa

Little Chunk!

Eating lunch with Pops and Gig

This is the perfect picture

Nap time with Daddy

With Uncle Brian and Aunt Autumn

Eating at Joe T's

With Aunt Autumn and Autumn's mom

The Texas Reception

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Wang

Worn out at Bella Italia's

Our happy boy!!