Wednesday, January 9, 2013

10 Months

November 10, 2012- December 10, 2012

10 months:
Weight: 22 lbs about
Length: no idea, we forgot to measure :)

Likes: pulling up on everything, walking around while holding our hands, clapping, dancing, animals, moving all day, playing in the water, trying new foods, Christmas lights, reading books, climbing up the stairs, Momma...we have a big time Momma's boy on our hands

Hates: loud noises, Santa Claus, eggs

Owen still wears 9-12 month clothes and is almost out of his size 3 diapers. He still sleeps from about 7:30-6:30. His naps are amazing taking a nap in the morning and afternoon for about 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours each. We have him on a great eating schedule. He still takes breast milk every 4 hours now. But he has a fruit in the morning, then around noon time he has a fruit and veggie. He will sometimes have a snack around 4 but then eats dinner (fruit and veggie) around 6.

This boy loves to be moving! He is on the move ALL day long. We also discovered that he is a bit of a rough player. He has a tendency to tackle kids. We figured out that it is his way of initiating interaction! We are trying to teach him to be gentle :) He still army crawls everywhere but will sometimes get up on all 4s to crawl..he then decides he is more efficient on his belly and returns to the army crawl. The doctor gave us the go ahead to start trying lots of foods. I was quite hesitant since I have a tendency to be a little obsessive/crazy about what I give him to eat but I was afraid of creating a picky eater so one morning I scrambled him some eggs. Well his whole face swelled up and broke out in a rash. The doctors office had us go to the ER in which they decided he was allergic to eggs. After some allergy testing that we had to do, they decided he wasn't allergic to eggs but might just have a sensitivity.

Owen had a great first Thanksgiving. We went to San Antonio for a few days and then to my families lake house in Horseshoe Bay. Brian and Autumn were able to come into town which made it that much more fun! Owen loved eating stuffing, a little bit of pie crust, sweet potatoes, bread and some rice.

Owen's first haircut..Tim went a little overboard and I almost cried!

Handsome boy

On the Riverwalk in San Antonio

At the Alamo

Owen loves to point at anything and everything

Happy boy with Pops and Gigi


He loves being outside

Trying to keep Owen entertained at a restaurant 

Uncle Brian and Aunt Auttie

Love mornings at the lake

Trying to figure out the whole shoe thing

Autumn and I made an apple pie

We were just a little proud

Owen's first Thanksgiving

Getting his "Thanksgiving" outfit on

Love this boy

Something was really funny

Walking in his Toms :)

Looking at the lights

Right before Santa

Not a fan..

Maybe next year Santa
Sleeping on the way home from the lake

He loves to look out the window

Reading with Tata

Right before Owen's first TCU football game

Love this boy

The loud noises when TCU scored scared Owen

He loved the fountain at Joe T Garcias

With Uncle Travis and Aunt Tricia..Cook (the Children's Hospital I work at) had a big Christmas tree lighting with fireworks

Owen loves Uncle Travis and Aunt Tricia

Look at that sweet boy!

Fireworks are about to start..

We forgot about Owen getting scared with loud noises. We had to rush out because the fireworks were so loud!

Poor little guy!

Hooray for 10 months!