Monday, April 9, 2012


This past week I attended the funeral of a good friend from high school's mom. It wasn't called a funeral, and it most definitely was not a was called a celebration of life and that is what it was exactly! To say this woman was incredible would be an understatement. Tim and I left the funeral feeling sad, encouraged, excited and convicted all at the same time. Hearing stories about her and hearing her good friends, husband and 4 kids talk about her blew me away. Sara truly did finish the race and ran/sprinted through the finish line in spite of a long and very painful battle with leukemia.

One of the most incredible stories told was something that happened just a few short days before she went to be with the Lord. Her younger sister was helping take care of her and every morning around 4:00 AM her sister would come and get her out of bed and take her to the parlor to pray. She would spend several hours there in prayer. On one of the last days Sara went to the parlor a little earlier than usual. Her sister went to check on her several times, and each time Sara said she wasn't finished yet. It had almost been 7 hours when Sara finished and she said to her sister, "I got them all". Her sister asked for clarification and Sara said, "I prayed for everyone I know". Knowing that Sara had prayed for me, for my son, for Tim, for so many people I loved even when she was in so much pain! I thought I don't think I have spent 7 hours in prayer the past year!  I could go on and on about how incredible Sara was. Even in college she would send me specific scriptures she was praying over for me. 

The past several days since the funeral I have truly changed the way I do things. When I am standing over Owen's crib for 20 minutes straight patting his stomach in the middle of the night trying to get him to sleep instead of being frustrated I have spent that time in prayer. Praising the Lord for such an incredible gift, praying for different friends of mine the Lord has put on my heart...praying for the DuBose family as they continue to mourn the loss of such an incredible wife and mother. I have felt more energized and so much closer to the Lord to have that communication with Him. 

I want to be more of a prayer warrior. I want to be in constant communication with Lord and Sara's story and her life really inspired/convicted me to shape up! The Lord was and will be for many years to come glorified by her life and my prayer is that I can follow in her example and pursue the Lord with a heart completely devoted to Him.

One last thing Tim and I are going to do is pick out a verse each month to pray over for Owen. We better hurry and pick one out because he turns 2 months tomorrow! :)

So excited the way the Lord draws our hearts to Him and puts people in our lives to show us how to better glorify the Lord in every aspect of our lives!

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