Monday, March 26, 2012

Month One

What an incredible month it was! Our sweet boy blessed our lives in so many ways! 

Week One
Who knew how exhausted we were going to be! Tim was able to take a week off which was great for all those late nights. Tim's mom, dad and brother came down to meet him and made it to Texas the day he was born. My brother and future sister-in-law made it at the end of the week.

Week Two
The start of week 2 was pretty scary. Our little eater who lives for the next feeding skipped a feeding. We thought maybe he was just tired but when we woke him up for the next feeding he refused again. At that point we took his temperature and he had a fever. New mom and dad didn't know what a huge deal that it is for a newborn to have a fever. When we called Owen's doctor the nurse said to go to the ER immediately. I of course started bawling. Tim was able to remain calm and we managed to get out the door.  They took Owen back right away and immediately put him on an IV with fluids as well as drawing blood. They even had to do a lumbar tap. So sad, Tim and I had to leave the room because we couldn't handle it. They ended up admitting Owen for 48 hours to monitor him and keep him on IV fluids and antibiotics while they waited to get the lab results back. I pretty much cried the entire 48 hours. I told Tim they were going to send in a psychiatrist if I didn't stop! Praise the Lord, the lab results came back negative so it was viral. They assumed Owen picked up something from a visitor.  Honestly the rest of the week was a blur. We just kept him home and away from any visitors! Sweet boy had a terrible cough and congestion that week too.

Week Three and Four:
Owen started feeling much better, just in time for a visit from his Aunt Julie! My best friend flew in from Colorado to meet Owen and help Tim and me out. It was so incredible having her here as we were learning (through trial and error) how to take care of our little guy!

One month check up:
Weight:  9 lbs, 13 ounces - 50th Percentile
Length: 22 3/4 inches - 75th Percentile
Head Circumference: 50th Percentile

Loves: being bounced on an exercise ball, eating (only breast milk so far), looking at bright colors, walks in the stroller, snuggling, bath time

Hates: tomatoes...whenever I eat anything with tomatoes Owen screams like crazy ( pizza for me for the next year), wet diapers, nap time (it takes 45 minutes to put Owen down for a 20 minute nap), tummy time, having to wait even one minute to eat when he wakes up

At one month Owen is eating every 2-3 hours during the day. He is super alert and loves to watch you. He knows mine and Tim's voices and follows us with his eyes. he is able to turn his head 1-2 times during tummy time before throwing a fit! Even though he hates nap time, he sleeps like a pro at night. We are able to put him right in his crib after he eats at all the feedings during the night! At night he has made it 5 hours between feedings, but sometimes he only makes it 2 1/2 hours. 

Here is the link to some of Owen's newborn pictures. Owen's newborn pictures. They turned out so cute!

Our first night home...wide awake in the middle of the night!

So sweet! He loves to sleep when he is supposed to be eating
The Watson boys hanging out at home
Owen's first bath. He loves bath time!
Owen loves his Uncle Chris

All ready for his first doctors appointment

He looks so small when his Uncle Brian holds him
Owen's first bottle in the hospital because he was too tired to nurse

Still in the hospital, feeling better though! Poor little guy with his IV
Found his thumb

Owen loves reading with his Gigi

First walk. Owen slept the whole time

This is one of Tim's favorite pictures

First time to church. Owen did great, he slept the whole time!
Tummy time
With his Aunt Julie
Little man did not like posing!

Best month of our lives!


  1. This sounds so familiar (minus the hospital visit) Julie Ann was a none sleeper. She had reflux. Not easy to deal with. It gets easier ( as I am sure people have told you). He is just the cutest little guy! Congrats!

  2. I love how Tim is taking advantage using the my b*east friend! Miss that little guy can't wait to spend time with him!

  3. Love it!!! He is such a doll! I am so glad you are parents! What a fun journey (for 12 years and 11 more months)!!! :) Let me know if you want a new blog header!!! Love you, Britt!

  4. I cant believe what you had to go through during his second and third weeks! How traumatic!! You poor things. But congratulations again and I am so thankful it wasnt anything serious. Blessings!