Sunday, September 9, 2012

6 Months

Well, I am running way behind in writing this post! Owen turns 7 months tomorrow and I have yet to write his 6 month post. It is a little difficult now because the past 2 months have run together :) I will do my best!

6 Months
Length: 27 3/4 - (pretty sure he was measured wrong last time)
Weight: 18.5 lbs 

Loves: still loves being on his tummy, eating, playing in the exersaucer, our cat, reading books, his wubba nub (pacifier), hearing us sing, army crawling everywhere, putting anything and everything in his mouth, people watchingHates: rice cereal, nasal aspirator/snot sucker, Bumbo seat (good thing since it was recalled)

Owen is wearing 6-9 months clothes. He is wearing size 3 diapers. He takes about 7 ounces every 3-4 hours. He does great sleeping through the night and goes from about 9:30ish to 6:30ish. He is doing better at home taking naps and will take 2 good naps a day usually. At day care he barely sleeps! I think he is wearing his teachers out. He is a zombie when we pick and usually falls asleep very soon after we get home!

Owen has become quite the mover. We had to retire the small play mat and put out a big blanket on the ground so he can move around. He has the cutest army crawl and is pretty efficient. We started to give him rice cereal a couple of weeks before he turned 6 months. He was smacking his lips when Tim and I would eat in front of him and grab at our mouths and forks so we thought it was time! He loved it the first time he had it but after that he wanted nothing to do with it. We will keep trying! He is the happiest boy and we LOVE his big mouth smiles...we can't get enough of them!! 

Can't believe our boy is over half a year old!! Only by the grace of God!!!!

We didn't take quite as many pictures this month but still have some good ones!!!

Sweet boy feel asleep on Daddy's shoulder

First time in his high chair..he saw his reflection in the tray!

Our happy boy..he loves his high chair

Rice cereal for the first time

He loved it...for a little bit

With his Gigi on her birthday!

Owen loves Uncle Travis and Aunt Tricia

This was the first shirt Tim and I bought Owen when I was just a few months pregnant. "Produced Locally"

Owen loves Hannah Jane...I love this picture!

Aunt Tricia

He is getting so big!

We can't get enough of that sweet face!!

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